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As public school teachers we spend a lot of time wearing spirit wear. Some of it was not affordable or comfortable. 

We couldn't wait to change out of our school shirts!

We also saw students being unable to afford an expensive club shirt or school spirit wear. 

Trying to work with a company to order just a few shirts for a club or event was time consuming and frustrating. We didn't always get what we wanted and the prices were not what our groups could afford. There were often added fees.

We wanted spirit wear that was fun, comfortable and affordable. We couldn't find it anywhere.

We did what all educators would do, we took a class, made a plan and opened our business.

We make quality custom apparel that is perfect for your team, event or just for fun! We keep our prices for schools and clubs low so each child can afford to "look the part".

We will make just one shirt for that special day or over 500 for an awesome event. Please contact us to help make your vision a reality.

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